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Con Gusto Robotics is a business division of CON GUSTO CONSULTING dedicated to the promotion, training, advice and marketing of robotic tools for the hospitality industry, as well as other cutting-edge technological tools that help improve the profitability and management results of Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Cafeterias, DarkKitchens, Campsites, Communities and logistics companies dedicated to FoodDelivery.


At Con Gusto Robotics we share the opportunities and advantages of using robotics in your businesses in the Horeca channel, we provide training and we market the equipment that is available to any hospitality entrepreneur.


From Con Gusto Robotics we can offer you the advice of Con Gusto Consulting for your new projects or for the conceptualization of your business with robotic tools, digital management or digital sales channels such as food delivery.

Why do you need robots in your restaurant?

The use of robotics is very efficient in low added value, repetitive or heavy processes such as the transport of drinks and food, basic care, quick service of drinks, as well as the cooking of repetitive processes in the kitchen.

Robotics manages to always maintain the same high standards of service and product that are chosen, 365 days a year and 24 hours if necessary. It also represents a significant saving in final costs.


Robotics adds to human teams

In times where hiring talent and getting candidates in the sector is very difficult, robotics allows us to focus on the employees who add the most value to improve their conditions, their commitment and their training.


Higher amortization

Robots pay for themselves very quickly since they replace tasks that have a very high cost and low added value.


Surface disinfection

In times of COVID-19 and with more culturally installed health precautions, robots reduce unnecessary human interaction and ensure the disinfection of surfaces.


They are collaborative robots or COBOTS designed for receiving customers and accompanying them to tables, as well as robots that bring food and drinks to customers’ tables or help to collect the dishes.

Using robotic arms and with a humanoid appearance, they interact with the customer serving beer, wine, cava, cocktails (which makes the moment like a cocktail shaker), coffee, ice cream and many other products at the customer’s request.

The customer pays for their drink to the same robot by credit card and other digital means. They guarantee a 20% increase in sales in the area where it is located.

They travel through campsites, golf courses, business spaces or around the city to deliver food or drinks within minutes of a restaurant or commercial space.

They allow the construction of a completely digital restaurant from the customer’s order through screens or chatbots to the collection in completely hygienic spaces. They include complete control of the entire customer service value chain, the management of all data for decision-making and a very powerful CRM to develop complex marketing actions.

DIGITAL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Digital management software tools for interaction with the customer through payment systems, order taking, marketing management, POS systems, order management software, price lists and warehouses or people management as well of Business Intelligence to manage the data.

Custom development of robotic kitchen tools and, where appropriate, comprehensive management of dark kitchen processes.

We design comprehensive restaurant automation projects.

Con Gusto Robotics
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What can you use a hotelier for the robotic?
To take drinks or meals from the kitchen or bar to the tables in an efficient, safe, fun way and with interaction with customers.
To receive customers, accompany them to the table, offer them products or the menu.
To collect plates helping the waiters to empty the service furniture.
To serve as bartenders repetitive beverage areas such as beer, wine, cocktails or coffee, with payment or direct entry in the robot, freeing staff with low added heat from this service.
To deliver food and drinks remotely within campsites, resorts, office buildings or business cities or in authorized towns. Kilometers are safely traveled for pedestrians and for the robot itself.
To completely digitize the value chain of a restaurant from the customer’s order (at the premises or elsewhere) to the delivery of the food at the table, in self-service urns or by delivery, creating a digital relationship where promotions and maintain a direct relationship with the client.
To improve its internal management processes and adapt to the interests of consumers.
To improve the productivity and efficiency of kitchens.
To reduce the impact of staff training or lack of profiles for recruitment.
To focus HR efforts on improving the training, motivation and remuneration of human teams.

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